3rd December – times tbc



The National Autism Team hosted an employment event for employers in December 2020. This event focused on educating employers on the needs of autistic people and the reasonable adjustments that must be put in place for autistic people in the workplace.


Following on from this event, on 3rd  December 2021 the National Autism Team are hosting an event for autistic people. The event hopes to empower autistic people to learn new skills and information that may assist them in finding and maintaining meaningful employment and a job that is right for them.


It is important that this event is co-produced with the autistic community, so that we can collaboratively create an event that is of benefit to autistic people.


National Autism Team Virtual Employment Event Survey Results Report


The National Autism Team ran a survey for autistic people and their parent/carers from 21st June to 23rd July. The survey was co-produced with Autistic UK who provided sensitivity checks and invaluable input into how to make the survey most effective and accessible for autistic people. The survey was also co-produced with Learning Disability Wales and EasyRead Wales, who translated the survey into EasyRead, to ensure that the needs of autistic people with co-occurring learning disabilities were met and that their voices were heard.


The survey asks respondents to share which topics would be most useful to them and how they best learn, to ensure that the event is shaped by the needs and views of autistic people. The responses will be used to define the parameters of the event and to determine what topics the event’s sessions should focus on and how those sessions should be delivered.


To find out how autistic people responded to the survey, read our Employment Event Survey Results Report.