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Community of Practice sessions

Welcome to our Community of Practice sessions page. In this section, you will find a range of recordings from our Community of Practice events.

These events offer the opportunity for professionals within the autistic community to share good practice and allow others to gain greater knowledge of putting research into practice/applied research and peer support.

Click on the Play button to watch a recording. To watch a recording in full screen, click the button.

Wenn Lawson – Self-discovery, Autism & Gender

Paola Falcoski – Eating disorders and Autism

Autism Wellbeing – Eating, Food and Diet

AutSide Education and Training – Autism & Eating

Tony Attwood – Autism and Family Dynamics

Tony Attwood – Dual and Differential Diagnosis and Autism

Kirsten Barnicot and Jennie Parker – Recognition of autism and personality disorder

Simon Moseley – Autism & Mental Health

Cathie Long and Rachel Gavin – Fabricated or Induced Illness (FII)