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Housing certificated training scheme

Welcome to the Housing Providers section of the website.  Below you will find further information on our latest publication ‘Autism: A Guide for Practitioners within Housing and Homelessness Services’ which we have co-produced over 12 months and a Housing staff autism awareness certificated scheme.

Autism: a guide for practitioners within housing and homelessness services

This guide is a response to issues raised by autistic people and professionals through a consultation facilitated by the National Autism Team on behalf of Welsh Government in 2015 and reports commissioned by Shelter Cymru, that highlight the challenges faced by autistic people in relation to housing and the higher proportion of homeless people who are autistic.

The guide is to help professionals working in housing to better understand the needs of autistic people in gaining access to housing services.

The National Autism Team has worked with a group of stakeholders including Housing professionals, autistic professionals and advisors, parents and carers of autistic people and the National Autistic Society Cymru, to produce a refreshed guide to better enable front-line professionals to work with autistic people in accessing Housing support and information.

Please click on the image to view and download the whole document or click the link below to view the individual chapters that may be relevant to you.  Each Chapter in Part 1 is referenced against the Housing (Wales) Act 2014.  Part 2 provides a thorough and useful guide about autism.

‘Individual chapters’

An introduction to autism spectrum disorders for housing staff​

The scheme aims to help staff increase their awareness and understanding of the needs of autistic individuals. You can view the e-learning PowerPoint or PDF documents by clicking the links below:

After viewing the e-learning, please click on the link below to access the certification scheme. Within the scheme you will be asked to complete answers to a series of 20 questions.  If you successfully answer all 20 questions a personalised certificate will be created for you to download and print.  If you enter an incorrect answer, you will be given the opportunity to try again. You will first be asked to enter some personal details, this information will be used to monitor the usage of the scheme across Wales.

What is Autism? film will help you complete the certification

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Become an 'Autism Aware' organisation / service

If you would like to become an ‘Autism Aware’ organisation and receive a personalised organisation / service certificate, please complete the application form available here:


Autism: A Guide for Practitioners within Housing and Homelessness Services
All chapters:
Autism: A Guide for Practitioners within Housing and Homelessness Services
Part ­One­: Housing­ and Autism Practice
Part Two­: Autism
An introduction to autism spectrum disorders for housing staff