This website (previously ASDinfoWales) belongs to and is run by the National Autism Team, which is funded by Welsh Government. It is one of the resources which helps the Team achieve their aim to improve the lives of autistic people in Wales.

What is autism

At the National Autism Team, we believe that if you want to know what it’s like to be autistic, you should ask an autistic person.

That is why we have created this film co-productively with autistic people, as we strive to respond to the voice of autistic people in Wales, their families/carers, as well as professionals.

Who is the film for?

The film has been designed to raise awareness and understanding of autism. The National Autism Team have worked to keep their resources and language updated and current to reflect what autistic people would like neurotypicals to understand about autism, and the updating of the scheme is one example of this.

What is this film about?

The film follows three autistic people – Amara Tamblyn, Rhiannon Lloyd-Williams and Osian Harries – as they explore what their autism means to them, including: social communication; patterns and routines; sensory experience; and how to make things better. It also includes the professional voice of Dr Elin Walker Jones, consultant Psychologist.