Autism aware certification

Welcome to our What is Autism? page and Autism Aware Certification Scheme.  In this section there is an introduction to what autism is and advice on things you can do to be more autism understanding.

There are two elements to this scheme: firstly, our “What is Autism?” training film; and secondly, the downloadable e-learning resources at the bottom of this page.

Who is the “What is Autism?” training film for?

The film has been designed to raise awareness and understanding of autism.

The National Autism Team have worked to keep their resources and language updated and current to reflect what autistic people would like neurotypical people to understand about autism, and the updating of the scheme is one example of this.

What is this film about?

The film follows three autistic people – Amara Tamblyn, Rhiannon Lloyd-Williams and Osian Harries – as they explore what their autism means to them, including: social communication, patterns and routines, sensory experience, and how to make things better.

It also includes the professional voice of Dr Elin Walker Jones, Consultant Psychologist.

The scheme is aimed at everyone who wishes to gain a greater awareness and understanding of autism.  Once you have viewed the film and read the resources you will be asked to enter your details onto the system. After entering your details, you will be asked to answer a series of 20 questions. If you are successful in answering all 20 questions correctly, a personalised certificate will be created for you to download. If you enter an incorrect answer, you will be given the opportunity to try again.

If you are undertaking the training as part of a company, organisation or a services initiative you will also be asked to enter those details.  This will give us an opportunity to monitor the uptake across Wales.

To complete the certificated scheme please login or register below.

Autism Aware Questionnaire

If you are not one of the following services please select ‘Other’ on the field below labelled ‘Your Sector is…’

  • Education – A Primary or Secondary School in Wales (please note your school will have a unique username and password)
  • Employment – a DWP Jobcentre Plus Branch in Wales
  • Emergency Services – Fire and Rescue, Police or Ambulance service in Wales

Autism Aware Organisations

To see those organisations that have already completed the scheme or to get involved please click on the following link.

Easy Read Autism Aware Certificate Guide


Looking for downloads?

Click the button below to view the downloads available on this webpage.


An Introduction to Autism
An Introduction to Autism
An Introduction to Autism
Easy Read
An Introduction to Autism
Easy Read