ASDinfoWales TV – Film for Parents & Carers

This film is aimed for parents and carers with an autistic child. It covers a range of topics, including discussions with parent/carers, autistic individuals and professionals.  Please click on the video below you would like to watch, this film is approximately 45 mins long.

Whilst working with the National Autism Team on the Parent-Carer film, we all felt it was important to reflect the experience of real parents and carers who the viewers could identify with, and from there it was a natural step to also include the perspective of the young autistic people receiving their care. We’re very proud of the way the film has allowed people to share their stories in order to help others in the same situation, and by adding to the mix the invaluable explanation and advice of experts and practitioners in the field, and bringing this all together in an easy-to-watch television-style format, we hope we’ve created a resource that will inspire parents and carers to seek out all the help that’s available and to develop a positive outlook on the future, both for themselves and for the autistic children and young people in their care.

Emyr Jenkins, Injan

The National Autism Team would like to thank everyone involved in this film, by helping us to raise awareness of autism and allowing us to share their stories in this film..