Integrated Autism Service

There are 7 Integrated Autism Services across Wales. They represent a partnership between Health Boards and Local Authorities. They were developed after a wide ranging consultation with autistic people, parents/ carers, professionals and communities. The consultation highlighted a lack of access to appropriate assessment and support for autistic people who failed to meet the criteria for many services. Some of the key issues identified were:

  • Emotional issues such as anxiety and anger
  • Developing social and daily living skills
  • Accessing leisure and recreational activities
  • Accessing adult diagnostic assessments
  • Coping with harmful or distressing behaviours

What do the services provide?

The services provide adult autism diagnostic assessment  (sometimes jointly with other services), support and advice for autistic adults, parents/ carers, and professionals.

I am a parent/ carer of an autistic child – what does this mean for me?

Whilst not working directly with children and young people, the services work in partnership with other organisations to support parents/ carers.

Parents/ carers  can self-refer to the service, if your child has received a diagnosis of autism  you will be able to access some  training and advice from the Integrated Autism Service.

I am an autistic adult – what does  this mean for me?

If you are an adult and think you are autistic, but don’t have a diagnosis, the services will be able to offer you a diagnostic assessment. If you are autistic you can get advice and support from the services without needing to be referred by someone else. Below are some of the things  that you might need advice and support on:

  • Anxiety
  • Social skills
  • Accessing leisure and recreational activities
  • Developing your daily living skills (such as paying bills, shopping and cooking)
  • Accessing other services such as healthcare or employment support
  • Or other difficulties which you may be experiencing

Do the services provide everything for us?

No, the services do  not provide:

  • Direct work with children and young people
  • Emergency/ crisis intervention
  • Respite care
  • Rapid response

For those with more complex needs (where other services such as mental health support is needed), staff from the Integrated Autism Service work with other professionals to ensure they are able to provide ‘autism-friendly’ support.

I am a professional – what does this mean for me?

The IASs are there to support professionals to gain knowledge, skills and experience in working with autistic people.

How do they do this?

  • Training
  • Consultation
  • Advice
  • This may also mean joint working in some cases

Can I access other resources?

Yes you can download all the resources from our website for free.  If you need any further help or advice you can contact us at

How can I find out more about the Integrated Autism Services in my area?​

Some services are more established than others, as the Integrated Autism Services have been rolled out with a phased approach across Wales. Please click on the links below for information on the service in your area.


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