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Autism Understanding & Accepting Scheme

We have combined our Can You See Me campaign and Autism Aware schemes to create the Autism Understanding and Accepting organisations scheme. This scheme is built around the two new eLearning modules:

  • Understanding Autism (module 1)
  • Understanding Effective Communication and Autism (module 2)

If an organisation completes module 1, they will become an ‘Autism Understanding’ organisation. If an organisation completes modules 1 and 2, they will achieve ‘Autism Accepting’ status.

The Can You See Me campaign had specific branding which was incorporated into wristbands and cards so that people could easily identify as autistic if they wished, and organisations were able to better meet the needs of autistic people.

The updated certificates of the new scheme will also incorporate the Can You See Me branding. People can feel confident that where they see the certificate displayed, that the organisation has undertaken training to ensure they have a good understanding of autism. The Can You See Me wristbands and cards will still be valid under the new scheme.

Organisations were able to achieve Autism Aware status under the old certification scheme. This is still valid for those who already have it, although we do encourage those organisations to undertake the new certification scheme to become an autism understanding and autism accepting organisation to enhance their existing knowledge.


No, the modules are free to access and bilingual.

We would expect everyone who is working directly with the public to complete the module(s), although we encourage everyone in the organisation to undertake the training.

Please contact to request a username and password for your organisation’s team leader. This should be the person overseeing the implementation of the scheme within the organisation.

This login can then be used by the team leader to access the Course Admin page on Neurodivergence Wales eLearning. From here, the team leader can add each team member by using the Create a new Team Member section. Adding in a first name, last name and password will set up an account for each team member to use in undertaking the modules.

Each team member can login to their account by adding ‘‘ to the end of username generated for them on the Admin Course Page (for example, student_0001_00001 would login by using the email address as well as using the password set up for them by the team leader.

To enroll a team member on to module 1 and/or module 2, the team leader can do this from the Admin Course Page by scrolling down to a team member, selecting a module from the drop-down menu and clicking ‘Enroll Team Member on Course’. This will allow the team leader to view each team member’s completion progress.

Should a new password need to be set up for a user, the team leader can do this from the Admin Course Page by scrolling down to the team member in need of a new password and clicking ‘Change WordPress User Password’.

No, you can complete module 1 first to achieve Autism Understanding status and complete module 2 at a later date to achieve Autism Accepting status if you wish.

You will be issued with a certificate which you can display. You will also be listed on our website as an Autism Understanding or Autism Accepting organisation.

If you are autistic, you can email us your details and we will send a wristband, card or lanyard in the post with Can You See Me branding on it.

Please email

Access the eLearning modules here

To access the eLearning modules, please click on the following link.

Autism Aware Organisations

To see those organisations that completed the original Autism Aware scheme, please click on the following link.

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Application Form for Autism Understanding/Accepting Organisation Status