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Welcome to the Work Based Learning (WBL) section of the website.  Below you will find further information on our latest developments which include two training films for WBL providers and series of guides for both WBL providers and their learners.

What is the ‘What is Autism?’ film about?

The film follows three autistic people – Amara Tamblyn, Rhiannon Lloyd-Williams and Osian Harries – as they explore what their autism means to them, including: social communication; patterns and routines; sensory experience; and how to make things better.

It also includes the professional voice of Dr Elin Walker Jones, consultant Psychologist.

There are two elements to our Autism Aware scheme: viewing our “What is Autism?” training film; and accessing the e-learning resources, where you can download the PowerPoint or PDF:

Who is the “Work Based Learning” training film for?

The film has been designed to raise awareness and understanding of autism and how it relates to WBL.  It provides information and some good practice as we follow two learners’ journey whilst completing their worked based learning placement.

Click on the image below to watch the training film.

Looking for downloads?

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Work Based Learning guides​

There are two guides that were co-produced with Autism Leads across Wales, the National Training Federation for Wales and ACT Training and autistic people.  One new guide is designed to help work-based training providers to support autistic people.  The other is aimed at the autistic learner to assist them in successfully completing their work-based learning journey.

The resource pack form part of the Working with Autism scheme.  The pack contains useful advice, information, hints and tips for training providers to help create autism friendly environments for learners in the workplace, ranging from sensory and communication considerations, to task management and supporting learners with their work.

The learner pack contains information and advice on how to choose the right WBL placement. Then once on placement there are advice sheets on how to organise their workload and time, how to manage unstructured periods and where to get the advice and help they need. Both guides follow the learner’s journey through the WBL process.

Please click on the buttons to view and download the individual guides or click the links below to view the individual chapters for each guide that may be relevant to you.


Autism: A Guide for Work-Based Training Provider
All chapters:
Chapter 1: What is autism?
Chapter 2: Transition
Chapter 3: Creating an Autism Friendly Learning or Work Environment
Chapter 4: Supporting the Learner in the Learning or Work Environment
Autism: A Guide for Work-Based Learners

All chapters:
Chapter 1: Starting Your Learning Programme
Chapter 2: During Your Learning Programme
Chapter 3: After Training
Autism: Easy Read A Guide for Work-Based Learners