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Supporting an autistic person to improve their confidence and communication in the workplace

Actions and outcomes

C was diagnosed by the Gwent Integrated Autism Service in 2018. At the time he felt he needed time to process his diagnosis and made further contact with the service in 2019. C self-referred to undertake the Post Diagnostic Course (PDC) with the service, which he completed in October 2019.

Following the PDC, C felt that he may need some support around his confidence, in particular in relation to having some issues at work that he felt he could not challenge.

In December 2019, I made a visit to C to explore these issues further. I advised C to make a note of his priorities that needed to be addressed, and making consideration to what he had learned from the PDC in relation to addressing his sensory needs. C’s employer initially told him he would have a lengthy wait for a full needs assessment but when C provided his list of issues and solutions to his employer, he was assessed within a few days.



C has since had a height adjustable desk, a chair with lumbar support, a change to lighting, agreed use of headphones if needed, and access to a breakout area in times of stress. All of this has meant C now looks forward to going to work.

C also reported that since doing the PDC on which he made friends, he has a life outside of his immediate family, which has given him a greater sense of purpose and wellbeing.

Further to this, C reported an improvement in his relationship with his son (who is also autistic), as he feels he can “see where he is coming from.” This has helped C to address his son’s issues in school too, and he feels that the school take him more seriously now that he has disclosed his own diagnosis.


Lessons Learned


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