This website (previously ASDinfoWales) belongs to and is run by the National Autism Team, which is funded by Welsh Government. It is one of the resources which helps the Team achieve their aim to improve the lives of autistic people in Wales.

What is autism

This page highlights key resources on our website which help to build a better understanding of autism.

A range of resources have been developed in partnership with autistic people, parents and carers and professionals that clearly explain what autism is and how it affects autistic people’s interaction with the world around them.

Who is the film for?

The film has been designed to raise awareness and understanding of autism.

The National Neurodivergence Team have worked to keep their resources and language updated and current to reflect what autistic people would like neurotypicals to understand about autism, and the updating of the scheme is one example of this.

What is this film about?

The film follows three autistic people – Amara Tamblyn, Rhiannon Lloyd-Williams and Osian Harries – as they explore what their autism means to them, including: social communication; patterns and routines; sensory experience; and how to make things better.

It also includes the professional voice of Dr Elin Walker Jones, consultant Psychologist.

In this section there are a set of structured modules that follow the National Autism Training Framework for Wales.

These modules have been coproduced with an advisory group of neurodivergent people and features their voices and experiences.

The page will be updated on an ongoing basis with any new online eLearning resources that the National Neurodivergence Team produce.

Current eLearning modules available:

  • Understanding Autism
  • Understanding Effective Communication and Autism

Click here to access the eLearning modules.

In this section, you will find recordings from our Community of Practice events, which focus on a range of different neurodivergent conditions, and issues that impact the neurodivergent community.

This section will be regularly updated when these events take place.

Click here to access the Community of Practice sessions.

In this section, you will find a range of interviews from our Digital Stories series.

The series features interviews with people from the autistic community, and asks what they would like parents/carers, professionals, and the general public to know about autism.

Click here to access the Digital Stories.

The best practice Case Study Compendium showcases the range of effective work being carried out across Wales.

Each case study features the voices of autistic people and/or the parent/carers of autistic people, reflecting on how the support and interventions put in place have had a positive impact on their lives.

Click here to access the Case Study Compendium.

In this section there are links to a range of advice sheets, including those for autistic adults, parents/carers and more.

The advice sheets have been coproduced with an advisory group of neurodivergent people.

This section will be updated on an ongoing basis with any new advice sheets that are produced.

Click here to access the advice sheets.