This website (previously ASDinfoWales) belongs to and is run by the National Autism Team, which is funded by Welsh Government. It is one of the resources which helps the Team achieve their aim to improve the lives of autistic people in Wales.

The following advice is adapted from NICE Guideline CG170: Autism in under 19s: support and management.[]

All families (including siblings) and carers should be offered verbal and written information about their right to:

  • short breaks and other respite care
  • a formal carer’s assessment of their own physical and mental health needs, and how to access these.

Families (including siblings) and carers should be offered an assessment of their own needs, including whether they have:

  • personal, social and emotional support
  • practical support in their caring role, including short breaks and emergency plans
  • a plan for future care for the child or young person, including transition to adult services.

If needs are identified, information, advice, training and support should be provided. This should particularly be provided if family and carers:

  • need help with the personal, social or emotional care of the child or young person, including age-related needs such as self-care, relationships or sexuality
  • are involved in the delivery of an intervention for the child or young person in collaboration with health and social care professionals.


Autism: A Guide for Parents and Carers Following Diagnosis