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The following advice is adapted from NICE Guideline CG170: Autism in under 19s: support and management []


Practitioners may consider a specific social communication intervention, which should be play-based and include parents, carers and teachers. This should focus on increasing joint attention, engagement and reciprocal communication.

These interventions should:

  • be adjusted to the child or young person’s developmental level
  • aim to increase the parents’, carers’, teachers’ or peers’ understanding of, and sensitivity and responsiveness to, the child or young person’s patterns of communication and interaction
  • include techniques of therapist modelling and video-interaction feedback
  • include techniques to expand the child or young person’s communication, interactive play and social routines.

For pre-school children, consider using parent, carer or teacher mediation.

For school age children, consider using peer mediation.

Medication or special diets should not be used to treat the core symptoms of autism.


Autism: A Guide for Parents and Carers Following Diagnosis