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Working with Willow

The National Autism Team is committed to working co-productively with autistic individuals, parents/ carers, and professionals across Wales.  We were lucky enough to catch up with Willow Holloway ‘virtually’ during the national lockdown to see how she was getting on, to hear more about the advocacy work that she has been leading over the past few years, and how this has continued, in spite of COVID-19. Willow has worked co-productively with the National Autism Team on many projects, most recently participating as a member on the All Wales Virtual Autism Team (established by the National Autism Team in March 2020), which aims to produce support and guidance for autistic people and their families during the COVID-19 lockdown and subsequent return to a “new normal”.

Meet Willow!

Willow is an inspirational autistic advocate and lived experience advisor. She is the Executive Chair and Strategic Lead for Autistic UK in North Wales, where she is now based, and has been Vice Chair for the Disability Wales Board since 2016.  Willow received a late diagnosis of autism at the age of 44, and here she talks about the impact that receiving the diagnosis has had on her life.

Why was the film created?

“Working with Willow” is the second film in a series that the National Autism Team are producing (the first film in the series was Getting to know Gerraint), where we ask autistic people what they’d like parents/ carers, professionals, and the general public to know about autism. The National Autism Team continue to produce digital stories to celebrate the achievements of autistic individuals across Wales.  We also aim to find out from professionals working in different services what support is available to autistic people in Wales, for their benefit. The National Autism Team will continue to produce digital stories such as this one to celebrate the achievements of autistic individuals across Wales in the future.