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Face Masks Guidance: National Autism Team & National Autistic Society Joint Work

New regulations on face coverings for public transport in Wales

Welsh Government have released new regulations that require passengers using public transport in Wales to wear face coverings (

We recognise that during these unprecedented times, such action might be needed to prevent the further spread of coronavirus in Wales. Where people can wear face coverings, without causing them significant distress or anxiety, they should do so in line with the new rules.

However, for those who do have a reasonable excuse not to wear a face covering, the regulations are clear that they are exempt from wearing one. The Welsh Government has given examples of when people don’t have to wear a face covering, which includes if someone is unable to put on or wear a face covering because of an impairment or disability.

This means that some autistic people will not wear a face covering. We have developed the fact sheet attached, which we would like to share with you and staff across your organisation, so that they are aware of these rules and some of the reasons behind them. We hope that this will help to enable autistic people to travel freely on public transport without feeling judged, or pressured to wear a face covering.

As well as the fact sheet provided, there are a number of things that an autistic passenger may carry to help them communicate any difficulties they may have. These include a downloadable card from a recognised autism organisation, a sunflower lanyard, or an Orange Wallet.