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‘Can you see me?’ Survey

Provide your thoughts on the National Autism Team’s ‘Can You See Me?’ Scheme

In 2017, the National Autism Team launched the ‘Can You See Me?’ scheme. The aim of the scheme was to promote awareness and understanding of autism in the community. The name “Can You See Me?” was chosen to reflect the way that autism is viewed as a hidden disability to many.

The original scheme included stickers for different businesses in the community to display. Some of these organisations included hairdressers, cinemas, supermarkets, doctors’ surgeries and dentists. The scheme also produced multi-coloured wristbands and lanyards that autistic children and adults could wear to identify themselves as autistic.

We re-launched the ‘Can You See Me?’ scheme in March 2021. This scheme focused on employment.

We would like to update the resources and re-develop the scheme to ensure that it is effective and meets the needs of autistic people and their families. The first step in this process is creating this survey to better understand people’s thoughts about the ‘Can You See Me?’ scheme.

If you would like to contribute to the re-development of the ‘Can You See Me?’ scheme, please fill out this survey.

Before completing this survey, please visit the ‘Can You See Me?’ scheme page.