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The importance of promoting the positives about being autistic

Actions and outcomes

In June 2019, the individual referred themselves into the Western Bay Integrated Autism Service seeking to understand themselves better.  They wanted to explore whether autism could be a factor in some of the things they were struggling with.  Their counsellor suggested an autism assessment may be needed.

Following a diagnostic assessment, they were told they met the criteria for an autism diagnosis in November 2019.

They are now attending the Post Diagnostic Course and sharing the positives of receiving their autism diagnosis with the group.



The individual commented: “I’ve found having the diagnosis to be very positive. The most beneficial thing has been allowing me to think more positively about myself. Somewhat unexpectedly I’ve also started writing poetry. I started writing when feeling overwhelmed as I struggle to articulate my feelings and discovered that writing is a good way of working through my thoughts. I wanted to share one I wrote about autism (see poem below). P lease pass on my thanks to all your colleagues. I feel very lucky to have been able to use your service and had such a positive experience of something that was quite a big deal”.


A Letter to Past Me:


My darling girl

I watch you scratch and fight with the world

I watch you lose the fight and shrink


All you can hear and feel right now are

Loud critical ‘you’re doing it wrong’ voices

But you will learn, with time

To turn their volume down

As you turn yours up up up


And once upon a not yet day

You will have a word for all of this


One day, a kind woman in a pale room

With soft seats and leaflets

Will give you a word


It will fit

Like a key

Like a glove

Like a hand in a hand




And you will have a set free kind of feeling

And you and I will start to make friends

Lessons Learned

The fact the individual’s counsellor had the awareness and confidence to suggest an assessment was needed highlights the importance of autism education within wellbeing services and the wider community. The Western Bay IAS will continue to offer a safe and positive environment for people to reflect upon their experiences and maintain our commitment to promoting the positives of autism.


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