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Supporting someone to improve their self-esteem and wellbeing

Actions and outcomes

The individual first came to the Autism Advice Hub for help in completing a benefits form. This progressed to more in-depth support with their organisation skills, including form filling, understanding communication, and attending appointments.


In the past year, the Wellbeing Support Worker and the team’s Highly Specialist Occupational Therapist worked with the individual to put in place a range of interventions.


The Wellbeing Support Officer and Occupational Therapist engaged the individual in an Outcome Star Assessment to identify their strengths and the areas of their life where they were seeking improvement.  The assessment highlighted that the individual needed to work on recognising that they are a creative, kind and caring individual who is actually doing better than they think. The outcomes of the interventions were measured via Outcome Star.


The team helped the individual to obtain a copy of their Proof of Diagnosis, enabling them to access the benefits and services they are entitled to. They helped the individual to successfully complete their benefits application form, resulting in more financial security. The team also supported the individual to manage their Student Finance debt, effectively wiping thousands of pounds from their balance.


The individual completed a Post Diagnostic Course to help them to understand what autism means to them. The team helped the individual to access their GP for support with anxiety and low mood and to access the Primary Mental Health Team via occupational therapist referral. The individual was also supported in accessing a dietitian for support with their weight loss and eating issues. Further support was provided in helping the individual to access Social Services for additional support, with a plan to engage a personal assistant (PA) and adapt their living space to support with their physical needs.


On top of these interventions, the individual has also been attending weekly counselling with an organisation that helps them to deal with impacts of past trauma.


When we last reviewed their Outcome Star Assessment, they scored themselves 7 out of 10 for Wellbeing and Self Esteem, which demonstrated a fantastic improvement as their original score was just 4 out of 10.


The individual commented: “Thank you so much for your help and support.  It is AMAZING!  I’m truly grateful!  It is nice not to feel so alone and to know there are such lovely people like you willing to help me.  You are all really kind and caring and make me feel super special! You’re so patient and understanding and I feel safe with you all.  It makes me feel really happy talking to you!  I really appreciate all you are doing for me!  You have all been WONDERFUL!”

Lessons Learned

One of the individual’s major challenges with appointments is that due to the pressure of the situation, they forget what has been said to them.  This has reinforced our understanding of the need to follow up appointments with written information.  We were also able to give that advice to other professionals involved in her care.


Our experience has been that we have needed to be more involved in the referral process to other services, particularly during the pandemic.


This has been a longer than average Outcome Star Assessment led intervention. It has however, been targeted and outcome focused.



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