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Supporting an autistic person with a stutter to access their GP surgery

Actions and outcomes

The Powys IAS Team supported LK, who is autistic and has a stutter, to access her doctor’s surgery. LK had previously experienced great difficulties arranging to meet with her GP as the system that the surgery uses involves a telephone call to arrange the appointment. Each time LK rang the surgery, she was unable to speak and the person at the other end of the phone would say “sorry I can’t hear you” and hang up. A support worker at the Powys IAS rang the surgery and explained what was happening. They asked to put a note on LK’s file to explain that she has a stutter and has difficulties interacting over the phone. The support worker also arranged for a doctor to call LK directly, so that she could discuss what was wrong. The doctor suggested that LK nominate her sister as a contact so that she can assist LK in the future when calling the surgery.


From LK – “I am really pleased that my support worker sorted the doctors out for me. I had not successfully accessed the doctors for over six months. My sister still needs to fill the form out so that she can ring on my behalf, but hopefully if i need to ring them they will wait until i start speaking before they hang up.”

Lessons Learned

Sometimes individuals will look on the outside as if they do not require support or help, but it is important to make sure that the right support and intervention is given to help our clients to be able to live as independently as possible and for other agencies to make small adjustments to allow this. Joint working is paramount to be able to achieve this.


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