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Supporting an autistic person to re-enter the workplace after a negative workplace experience

Actions and outcomes

I met J in October 2019 when they attended a Post Diagnosis Course. Following the course J received one-to-one support in relation to difficulties within the workplace, particularly around sensory differences.


J is employed within a health board; however, his employer was finding the process of reasonable adjustments a challenge. This was having a significant impact upon J’s mental well-being, ultimately leading to a period of long-term sickness. J’s contract was not renewed, and he became unemployed.


I started to work with J by completing a personal profile, alongside the Outcome Star. However, work was disrupted by the onset of Covid-19 pandemic.  The use of virtual support was explored with J, however at that time J found this too difficult to engage with.


In June 2020 I was able to start ‘walk and talk’ support with J. This was successful and encouraged J to start volunteering at a community garden near their home.


J also pushed themselves do courses virtually, which they completed. The courses were Managing Time and Wellbeing and an EPP course, which helped them to build their confidence, problem solving skills and helped J to learn how to be realistic with their plans.


Having J’s parents attend the Parents and Carer’s Post Diagnostic Course to learn more about their diagnosis had a positive impact, because J felt they were taking the diagnosis seriously.


All work depended upon J getting support with the trauma they experienced from being bullied when younger and in the workplace. We worked alongside Primary Mental Health Support Service supporting them to deliver DBT lite. We also referred J to ASCC for assistance with benefits and to support him to be ready to enter the workplace. J attended their ten-week employment course, which led to a placement and full-time job with the ONS.


Getting back into the job market was very important to J and was the last piece to improving their self-esteem.


J expressed that they are thankful for all the support from the service. J admitted that they weren’t the easiest of cases but said that they are ready to continue the rest of their journey. J feels that the IAS listened and didn’t give up.

Lessons Learned


Health Board:
Aneurin Bevan University Health Board