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Supporting an adult to better understand a late autism diagnosis

Actions and outcomes

D had a diagnosis of autism after retiring from a very successful career in the forces.  Retirement was proving particularly difficult for him due to the lack of routine and structure in his life.  D’s autism diagnosis was making him feel confused and frustrated and he wasn’t sure how to move forward from this and learn to embrace his diagnosis.  D was also beginning to feel more and more isolated, leading to him feeling very low.


After a meeting in an information HUB, D was invited to attend a post diagnostic workshop.  At the first meeting, D felt very nervous and unsure of what to expect. However, after hearing the psychologist speak and listening to autistic members of the group share their thoughts and feelings about their life as autistic people, D soon realised that they were all experiencing similar feelings, worries, and thoughts. This fostered a sense of connection for D.


By the second meeting, D was starting to contribute more and engage with other members of the group.  As the course neared its close, D shared his thoughts and worries with the group and became much more open to conversations.  He grew in confidence and became a vocal spokesman for the group. D also arranged to swap contact details with other members and offered support to another member of the group that was visibly struggling with their emotions.


D thanked the team for inviting him to the course and was clearly moved by how much he felt he had achieved by attending.


D felt that the group had empowered him to take charge of his life. He no longer felt isolated, having listened to and connected with other members of the group.  D’s only concern was that he did not want the group to end.  He felt that he had learnt and achieved so much from attending the sessions. He was keen to keep in touch with the other members and had already met up for a coffee with them.  D is very keen to attend the future workshops. The next workshop is a Dialectic Behaviour Therapy course.


D also felt reassured that if he felt he needed more support, he could contact the Integrated Autism Service by attending any of the information HUBs within his area.

Lessons Learned

The main lesson learnt was the power of group sharing. We have seen how this can support individuals to gain confidence to move forward with their lives and empower them to make the changes that they want to.



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