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Supporting a socially isolated young man to socialise with family outside of his house

Actions and outcomes

KR came to the West Wales Integrated Autism Service for support following diagnosis. KR would not leave the house and therefore his diagnostic assessment was done at home as he would not attend appointments.

KR’s goal was to attend a family meal in a restaurant on New Year’s Day. The team started working with KR in October and started doing some graded exposure e.g. walking to the car and returning to the house. The team worked with KR to complete an anxiety diary for each time he left the house. On the next visit, they walked to the end of the drive, and continued doing different things with each visit. They sat in front of the restaurant that KR wanted to go to on New Year’s Day, and the following visit they went in for a coffee and sat on the table where he would be sitting.

KR attended his family meal on New Year’s Day and stayed in the restaurant for an hour, before returning home. In the New Year he has given himself new goals, such as losing weight and walking 5 miles a day with his mother. KR is also engaging with the Engage to Change project to look at employment options. He has since applied for a job at Folly Farm.


KR commented:

“Thank you for all your help over the last few months, it may of only been 20 mins a week but it’s really helped me get in a better place. I really appreciate everything that you done for me and I will miss you.

Take care and thank you again.”

Lessons Learned

So much can be achieved when working directly with an individual. Short interventions on a consistent basis was important for this gentleman. Using direct language with limited options also made a significant difference. Having achieved so much in such a short period of time has been very rewarding for KR, and he continues to develop and push his own boundaries on a daily basis.


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