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Supporting a parent to better understand their child’s diagnosis

Actions and outcomes

The IAS provided support to F, a parent of an autistic daughter. We worked with F to provide strategies and resources to help her understand their daughter’s recent diagnosis and to provide support with other areas too. F was really struggling as there was no thorough follow up appointment after her daughter’s diagnosis.


The IAS worked on strategies to help F manage her daughter’s anxiety and sleep schedule. They also supported F in her daughter’s routine development. They also provided F with parent support. F is now engaging with a parent support service, is attending regular courses and is implementing IAS strategies and resources in her everyday life. These resources included: emotion rating scales, activity planners, communication cards and Autism information guides. The parent also now has the option to keep in touch with the IAS to continue to develop strategies and to access further support from additional services.


“Since my daughter’s diagnosis in November last year you are the only person/organisation that has sat down and talked to me about autism and provided so many different learning resources and other points of contact”

Lessons Learned

Our work with F demonstrates the benefits of working with parents to help them to better understand their child’s diagnosis. It highlighted the benefits of accessing appropriate courses and the support networks that can be created.


One of the main learning points was the importance of maintaining communication and an open dialogue with parents. This helps them to feel more supported and confident in implementing strategies and resources.


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