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Support to manage anxiety and access employment

Actions and outcomes

The North Wales IAS was involved in assessing SK, and then offering post diagnostic support to help with managing anxiety and accessing employment. The support included creating communication aids, working on strategies to managing anxiety, as well as supporting the individual’s partner to help implement the strategies provided.


Both the individual and their partner are now in employment. SK is using a structured timetable and is also managing their anxiety using the strategies provided. Communication aids and social skill strategies are also put in place to support SK within the workplace. SK is now working as a receptionist, which is a real accomplishment given that communication was one of the targeted support areas.


“Thank you so much and thank you for the support you’ve given! I wouldn’t even be in this place if it wasnt for you first”.


SK has said that they are happy and have a lot less financial stress due to them both accessing employment. This is the individual’s first job, and the support has also positively impacted on the relationship with their partner.

Lessons Learned

Supporting individuals with the development of key skills can help reduce difficulties when in employment and other social settings. This case shows the potential individuals have once support has been provided, and they are given the chance to achieve their goals.


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Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
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North Wales IAS