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One Life Autism Support Group, serving Blaenau Gwent and beyond

Actions and outcomes

Grandparents were caring for an autistic child, GF, because GF’s mother has severe medical issues precluding her from caring for him. The private tenancy of the grandparents’ housing was coming to an end as the landlord was selling and the local Housing Association was not providing accommodation in the area, only a bed and breakfast. The grandparents took the issue to court, but because of their limited understanding of court procedures and difficulties in articulation, one of the One Life Autism volunteers accompanied the family to court and took the role of advocate for the family. The outcome of the case was that the family were rehoused into suitable accommodation. Further One Life Autism volunteers assisted them in the move.


The grandparents were very happy with the work of One Life Autism.

Lessons Learned

Many of our families are either unwilling or unable to represent themselves in court in the absence of Legal Aid, so the onus often falls to local volunteers to support them as advocates. Furthermore, courts may need future educating to become autism aware.


Health Board:
Aneurin Bevan University Health Board
Local Authority:
Blaenau Gwent
Integrated Autism Service:
Gwent IAS