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Improving time management skills

Actions and outcomes

This intervention was the second intervention for M in the last year. Our first intervention was cut short due to COVID-19. We picked up our work together in the second intervention by setting up:


  • Virtual appointments to complete M’s outcome star and to identify goals.
  • Virtual meetings to discuss social responsibility of looking after the house, cleaning etc.
  • An introduction to Dungeons and Dragons – Online with outside agency.
  • An introduction to IAS Social Group.
  • Virtual meetings to discuss social anxiety.
  • Virtual Managing Time and Wellbeing Course (IAS).
  • Walk and Talk session to discuss M’s next step and anxiety management; to consider referral to Autism Spectrum Connections Cymru (ASCC) and to consider support with improving communication.


The main action plan from the outcome star focused around ‘managing time and activities’.  Although we did spend a few sessions looking at social anxiety and strategies to overcome this – I feel M will be able to improve in this area further once Welsh restrictions ease and he can return to the activities he enjoys such as volunteering.


M has not completed a feedback form but told me verbally they he has found the interventions useful and he knows what he needs to do in order to improve his communication skills.  He is happy that I have referred him to ASCC for autism specific employment support.  We completed the outcome star together.

Lessons Learned

I learned that the lockdown did not really have much impact on the overall wellbeing of this person.  He was able to adapt to doing less.  In some ways, it enabled him to reassess his own situation and what his goals/aims are.  Sometimes people need a little more time and to go at a slower pace.  The lockdown did thwart his efforts to be more sociable and progress his communication skills, but it did not have a significant negative impact on his overall wellbeing.


I am pleased to see the progress that he has made – particularly around social responsibility and living skills that we did not spend a lot of time discussing.  I am confident that he is ready for some paid employment, therefore I have referred him to ASCC for this specialist support.


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