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How work experience placements can empower autistic people looking for employment

Actions and outcomes

A recent self-referral to the North Wales IAS has resulted with an individual, Y, in a successful work placement. Following an initial triage with the NW IAS, a support worker called the individual in to the IAS advice hub and began working on Y’s outcomes. The support worker referred Y to a gaming course led by North Wales Training (NWT) – a qualification in information technology that enables the individual to set up web pages and create games – as the individual wanted employment within the gaming industry. The IAS support worker took Y to the first few courses and encouraged Y to travel by bus independently to the NWT. Y couldn’t see the relevance of the course with regards to employment, and so following discussions with NWT, a work experience placement was arranged for Y with Poundstretcher in Mold.


This is what the work-based learning provider had to say: “Y almost bounced through the door and he couldn’t take the smile of his face all the way through our interview. He is loving his time at Poundstretcher, the manager and staff are very helpful and are making it enjoyable for Y. He is more hopeful of finding employment at the end of the work experience (04/12/2019). I haven’t seen Y this positive since he has been on my caseload, with continued support and Y’s willingness to engage I am confident Y will find a position to suit him.”



Lessons Learned

The training course with NWT engaged Y and empowered him to attain an outcome of finding work and becoming independent. Y previously was very introverted and would not leave his home. Y’s life has fundamentally changed through these interventions.


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