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Heads of the Valleys Tang Soo Do Martial Arts School

Actions and outcomes

AR runs a Martial Arts school, and recently left his job to run the school full time. This has allowed AR to have more 1:1 sessions available to pupils, which is especially popular with autistic children who tend to prefer 1:1 lessons than a group session. Thus far, AR has had four autistic students attend his Martial Arts school, and all of the autistic pupils are seen to be making tremendous progress both in and out of the sessions. Two of the autistic children AR has taught for more than 6 months have now joined the group class.


Parents/ carers have left the following reviews:


“Fantastic club – AR is so patient with my son, totally understands his autism. Seeing him smile when in these sessions is worth a million pounds!!”


“My son has additional needs and struggles with class settings and following instructions which have more than one thing for him to do at one time. His attention is very poor, and he is easily distracted. I found out that this club does 1:1 sessions and these sessions have been amazing. My son has come on so much and even got his yellow tag on his 3rd session. AR, who runs these sessions, has been amazing. He has so much patience and understanding and has really helped my son learn a new skill. I highly recommend this class and the 1:1 session.”

Lessons Learned

The students learn how to logically solve problems and improve skills by listening and focussing on what they are learning. From overcoming these obstacles, they grow in confidence and learn behaviour to overcome other stimulus which might distress them, such as sounds and large groups. I have lots of videos of the students showing how they have progressed and improved in their mental and physical attitude towards the sessions.


Health Board:
Aneurin Bevan University Health Board
Local Authority:
Blaenau Gwent
Integrated Autism Service:
Gwent IAS